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Doing something first is not what exploration should be about. Exploration is about discovery, both scientific and also personal discovery. But it’s not about going somewhere and plant a flag, it’s about the opposite of that, it’s about opening oneself up and allowing the place to make its mark on you. Benedict Allen

The world’s problems are as different as they are many.  Some countries suffer from hunger, some suffer from thirst, some from economic problems and others from political problems.  Norway, however, suffers from the infamous butter-crisis.  A hugely popular low-carb diet has spread amongst the population of Norway, a diet that demands people to eat more fat.  Thus, during this autumn, sales of butter have been dramatically increasing and now Norwegians are left butter-less.  Completely.  There is zero butter left in the shops.  Huge demand has lead Norwegians who are fortunate enough to have some spare butter to sell it on auction sites for up to 3000 Norwegian kroner a piece.

Here in Tromsø, northern Norway, November 27th was the last day with proper daylight this year. Sunrise was at 11:14 and sunset was at 11:49. Next sunrise will be on January 15th. Until then there is constant polar night with plenty of stars and aurora boreales. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go out and play; I took this photograph yesterday when going out on a kayak tour with a friend. It was 2 o’clock in the afternoon and pitch-dark.